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Readings With Spiritual Catcher

Natasha offers many different options.

If something doesn't fit your need please

contact Natasha to set up a private option.

Private Reading

Private Reading 

Starting at $55

30 or 45 min readings are a true experience between You and Natasha. First, you can give her a 5-10 minute back ground on what you would like to know and if there is any important information you want to share with her. It's would be to your best interest to share any third party information up front. Natasha wants to give you the best experience possible.

Natasha feels honored and appreciated that you have trusted her with you mind, heart, and energy. It's time to get the answers to the questions that have been hovering around your energy and you cannot grasp. Everyone is entitled to the pursuit of happiness. Let's connect and share in that glory. Love and light. 

Video Reading
Video Readings Spiritual Catcher.png

Video Reading 

Starting at $30

If you are seeking the answer to a specific question or wanting a general reading this video recored session is for you. 

Natasha will answer your questions & send you a recorded video to watch at your leisure. 

Video Recording Sessions start at $30 for 15 minutes. 

Additional time available at $2 per minute.


Business Coaching Reading
Business Coaching Square Graphic.png

Business Coaching

Starting at $5

Natasha has coached clients in filling their passion and finding the path best for them.


This is a collaborative effort where you can ask her which of many directions you should go and how they would work out for you. This ranges from job interviews to starting a new business.

Natasha loves options and guiding people in business is her try passion.  If your undecided with your career path and have lots of ideas (options), or even a few, this is the reading for you


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