Meet Natasha

Welcome to the official site for Natasha Fotakis, Tarot Medium & Founder of Spiritual Catcher. Natasha is a gifted tart medium who specializes in delivering messages from spirit. Her belief is deeply rooted in the universe as her guide. Her approach to Spirit Communication is heartfelt and compassionate.  Natasha offers private readings, phone readings, Video chat readings, group readings and cord cutting, business mentorship readings, worldwide. She has had the benefit of reaching people as far as Australia, Italy, Africa, England.  

If you’ve ever considered contacting a Tarot Medium, Natasha really is the one you must connect with.  You’ll be surprised how uplifting a session with Natasha is.


A majority of her clients report feeling at peace after and even in the immediate days to follow.  Connect, Love & Learn all during your private reading with Natasha.  It’s an exciting experience that affirms that love undeniably extends far beyond the physical realm. 

Natasha lives in Long Island with her husband, 2 children & animals. Her family has been her driving force to heal from her own traumas, propelling her into ascension. Ultimately giving her a better connection with the universe that she passes onto all her clients.